Community hospitals play an indispensable role in providing vital care to patients and the broader community. According to the American Hospital Association, community hospitals encompass “all non-federal, short-term general and other special hospitals whose facilities and services are available to the public.” The core value of these hospitals lies in their dedication to serving the local community.

As a community hospital, CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC) has proudly been serving Hollywood and surrounding communities for nearly a century, providing comprehensive healthcare services. We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Thomas Horowitz, Family Medicine Specialist, and discuss the value of community hospitals in our neighborhood.

Q1. How do you see CHA HPMC as a community hospital?
CHA HPMC has a true commitment to its mission statement- providing quality care with compassion and respect. It is staffed by healthcare providers deeply connected to this community and supported by a dedicated community governing board of directors. Unlike most large healthcare facilities with geographically distant corporate oversight, CHA HPMC’s board is comprised of local experts with strong connections to the area. The board includes physicians, prehospital care providers, community clinic representatives, educators, activists, regulatory experts, and public policy specialists, all working together for the well-being of the community. Furthermore, our medical staff receive top-quality continuous medical education to hone their skills and provide the best and safest care.

Q2. CHA HPMC is located in the heart of Los Angeles, embracing the area’s diverse, multicultural patient populations. How does CHA HPMC provide care to these diverse communities?
Understanding diverse groups, cultural sensitivities, and availability is of great importance in healthcare. CHA HPMC’s administration team is committed to expanding various programs to improve health and outreach to our diverse communities. This includes promoting special cultural events for our dedicated staff and organizing educational events for community outreach with special services.

Q3. What benefits can patients experience when they visit our hospital?
As a community hospital, we foster more personal relationships with our staff. We can adjust care more easily, addressing special patients’ needs with simplicity and avoiding bureaucratic complications. Our close ties to community groups make our organization more culturally sensitive.

Q4. Could you share your experience in treating patients at CHA HPMC?
At CHA HPMC, we have a supportive environment for personal care and management’s open-door policy makes it easy to address patients’ needs. In fact, the leadership team makes daily rounds to ensure easy access to management. For example, if I have patients with special needs, I can work with the administration, caregivers, and medical staff to promptly make most services available to them.

Q5. As a physician, what are some of the most rewarding aspects of practicing medicine at a community hospital, and how do these experiences differ from those in larger healthcare institutions?
Having practiced in this community for almost 40 years, I have never had a better relationship with a hospital leadership team. There is never a “we do not do it that way” mindset, but always a “let’s sit down and work out the details” approach.
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