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A leader in bio-medical research, CHA Bio Group is at the forefront of research on cell, gene, and epigenetic development through resource acquisition for future medical use in treatment of incurable diseases, while fostering the next generation of medical professionals. The group has developed an international reputation for its world-class health treatments and advances in reproductive medicine. What differentiates us as a global leader is our strong ecosystem based on the collaboration of university, research institute, hospital network, and bio companies which enables us to accelerate research and development and successfully realize new business opportunities.

In the US, CHA Bio Group’s affiliate Matica Biotechnology specializes in the clinical and commercial production of cell and gene therapies in its state-of-the-art facility in College Station, Texas to advance therapies for viral vector production. Matica Bio has signed a master research agreement with the Center for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM) at Texas A&M University Health Science Center (TAMHSC) to collaborate through research studies and innovate manufacturing solutions to bring potentially lifesaving medicines to patients.

CHA Global Affiliated Network

CHA Global Affiliated Network


CHA Bio Group is focused on building a better world filled with health and love, dedicated to treating incurable diseases. Our connection to hospitals, research centers, bio companies, and vast medical network is a competitive advantage to foster highly skilled talent for medical fields. With an expansive affiliate network across the globe, we offer opportunities for our healthcare professionals to learn about the global healthcare industry through immersive, hands-on experience at our affiliate network.

Danny Phung Shares his Experience Visiting CHA Health Systems under Global Ambassador Program

In 2007, Danny Phung, Pharm. D, joined CHA HPMC as a clinical pharmacist. Little did he know that he was joining a global healthcare network, until he visited our headquarter CHA Health System (CHS), in South Korea. Danny shares his experience with us.

In October 2015, I was one of the few employees to be selected as CHA HPMC employee ambassador to visit the CHS global headquarters in South Korea. During my career at CHA HPMC, I had only read about CHS on our website and brochures. So I was excited to be chosen for this prestigious opportunity to learn about the great minds, unique innovations, cutting edge research, and modern technology behind the dynamic global healthcare organization.

We arrived in Seoul, South Korea, the evening before Thanksgiving and were welcomed with a delicious buffet at our hotel in Gangnam. The following day, we began our trip by visiting CHA Gangnam Medical Center and CHA Bundang Medical Center. I was delighted with the cleanliness and friendliness of our sister facilities. We also visited CHA Bio Complex, where I was pleasantly surprised by the Italian architectural design—‘complex’ was not just in its name, but was also reflected in its architecture and design. The tour guide told me, “Creative ideas emerge from creative buildings,” and I ultimately agreed. The building was designed to accommodate its medical school (research center), lab, and bio companies to promote and accelerate innovation in the field of healthcare. I am proud to be a part of CHA Health System. CHA HPMC is also evolving like its parent company—building a healthy, modern future for the patients and community with the new, state-of-the-art patient tower which will be opening soon.

We were invited to a special dinner with the management team of CHS. During the evening, I got the opportunity to interact with doctors, scientists, and biotech researchers from across the globe and also witnessed presentations from esteemed researchers and doctors on the future of medical technology, stem cell research, anti-aging, etc. I was stunned by all the research done by our parent group and was particularly impressed by the new stem cell treatments resulted directly from our clinical trials. I learned about the complexity and vastness of our health system and the innovations we deliver to the world of healthcare.

During the visit, I also witnessed the beauty of the nation, its people, and its culture. Our tour guide’s courteous and friendly demeanor proved what I had known about Korean values and hospitality. I also got a chance to indulge in the best authentic Korean food and the experience left me hungry for more.

I would highly recommend this life-changing experience to everyone as it solidified my desire to continue working for CHA HPMC as I saw the vision CHS had for us. The new patient tower building is just one manifestation of this vision to offer state-of-the-art services to our patients and continue to modernize our clinical practices and technology. I am very excited to see our hospital continue to expand to serve our community.

I returned home with a deep sense of pride for CHA HPMC that I carry in my heart to this day. This trip, along with the endless possibilities ahead, is what motivates me to continue working towards our bright future.


CHA Global Ambassador: Our ambassador program offers CHA HPMC healthcare professionals an opportunity to visit and learn about our global network, exchange ideas with global peers by sharing experiences and knowledge, while building international relationship. As part of the program, our Global Ambassadors participate in a series of programs, projects, and events to learn about the latest healthcare innovation and build on their international experience. Learn about our Global Ambassador’s experience.


Global Expert Program: This internship offers the next generation of nursing professionals’ unique experience to work in international hospitals while being mentored by top, highly experienced healthcare teams. Interns get the opportunity to develop and strengthen their clinical skills at CHA HPMC while learning about global medical practices, gaining overseas experience, and making a difference in patient lives. Learn about our nursing internship experiences.


Clinical Observation and Rotation: Aspiring medical students receive life-changing, experiential opportunity to learn about the global healthcare systems and improve their knowledge, skills, and competency. As part of the internship experience, medical students from across the globe visit CHA HPMC to learn about latest healthcare practices, expand their skill set, develop confidence, and build a professional network to help advance their healthcare career. Learn about our student internship experiences.

student internship experiences

“…Hospitalist, a profession which does not exist in Korea, was a novel concept that I was unfamiliar of, and I kept my eyes and ears to open to learn and absorb as much knowledge as possible...I was able to intellectually challenge myself by observing the clinical cases and reviewing them in the entirety of internal medicine, rather than learning them by each specialty… I appreciated how all of the hospitalist preceptors were attentive and committed to educate the students.”

Ki Soo Kim, CHA University, School of Medicine

“…I am learning a lot with the help of several doctors and I realized how different an American doctor and a doctor in Korea is because of the difference in the medical system… It was an opportunity to meet people of different races, environments and countries… I’m learning American culture and emotion.

Youngjae Ra, CHA Medical School

“…During my first week at HPMC, I practiced in the emergency room. When I came here, I wondered what kind of patients would come to the emergency room in the United States. I wondered how it would be different from Korea. First of all, races were basically diverse. People from all over the world came to us… What was even more surprising was that the medical staff were as diverse as the patients, so the medical staff could often speak with their patients in their own language.”

Bonggu Kang, CHA University, School of Medicine

“…The experience studying abroad is fair enough to be both exciting and nervous…The working environment, admitting and discharging system, order communication system, and types of patients, of course, were totally different from those in the hospital I study at. The most impressive part was the group’s own algorithms for specific diseases. The executions of each job positions were well specified and divided which all harmoniously worked together in a timely manner even for the case such as ‘Acute Stroke’… Three week rotation in HPMC can help us learn not only medical knowledge, but also life values and morals that can lead us to develop into physicians with skills, knowledge and humanitarian spirit.”

Seulgi Gu, CHA Medical School

“…The first operation I observed was left thyroid lobectomy. I had seen the same operation many times before in Korea, and the surgery was performed in a similar manner in the United States, too. But in that operation, I saw medical equipment I had never seen which can distinguish parathyroid gland… In the United States, the surgeon used equipment not only in thyroidectomy but also in many other surgeries, and reduced complications.”

Geonhui Pak, CHA Medical School

“…The first surgical case I observed at the HPMC was microscopic decompression for trigeminal neuralgia, operated by Dr. Joung Lee and assisted by Dr. Sun Lee. They were very engaged in teaching and explaining to the students about the epidemiology, pathology, and treatment-surgical procedures of the disorders thoroughly so I was able to get the whole picture of the disease. In fact, their teaching triggered my intellectual curiosity that I looked up and read about the teaching topics in academic journals. I very much appreciated the efforts of doctors for teaching us.”

Jangmi Kim, CHA University, School of Medicine


“I studied hard not only in my major but also learnt other languages at the university, as I want to contribute to the global medical field as a nurse. I’ve worked in operating rooms in CHA Bundang Medical Center in South Korea and I’m extremely happy to receive an opportunity to participate in the “Global Expert Program”, with an opportunity to work in the US. I worked in the Quality Management department for a year and half, focusing on improving medical services. CHA hospital has global network spread across US, Australia, and other countries and I believe our global network will continue to expand. I can see myself working with CHA hospital and traveling around the world to gain global experience. If you want to experience an advanced medical system while working globally, you should join the CHA group.”

Sae-il Kang, Nursing Intern in Quality Management, CHA HPMC

“I’ve worked as a nurse in CHA Gangnam Medical Center in South Korea. From the moment I started my nursing education, I’ve wanted to gain international experience to improve my knowledge and be valued for my skills everywhere. I also had a desire to learn about hospital service or management and the ‘Global Expert Program’ was a great opportunity for me. As part of the Quality Management department, I worked on improving the quality of medical service and minimize all the risks/safety incidents that might occur in the hospital. While in the US, I also plan to get a US nursing license so that I can help Koreans who need English language support in US and foreigners who lack Korean language skills in South Korea by providing kind and high-quality nursing service. Of course, I will be with CHA hospital wherever I go. CHA hospital’s ‘Global Expert Program’ is the only program in South Korea, which sends their employees overseas and this is a valuable opportunity to grow yourself as a global talent with CHA hospital’s global network spread throughout the world.”

Won-ji Lee, Nursing Intern in Quality Management, CHA HPMC


CHA Bio Group has many world-class, modern facilities with the latest technology which play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality and value of all that we do.