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CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Emergency Department Opens Fast Track Program

CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC) launched its Emergency Department fast track (ED Fast Track) program to better serve its community. CHA HPMC is home to one of the highest patient volume emergency rooms in Los Angeles County. The implementation of a fast track is expected to offset the patient-to-caregiver ratio which is necessary in order to most effectively and efficiently serve the Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles Area.


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Habits for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season

November marks the first month of the holiday season, a time when high calorie, fried, and delicious food abounds! There are sweets at the office. The leftovers are seemingly endless. Trying to maintain a balanced diet at this time seems pointless. This way of thinking about consumption is akin to going on an all-out spending spree without looking at your bank balance or credit limit.


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From Accident to Recovery, Triathlete Mary Kay Campbell Shares Her Journey of Rehabilitation

Triathlete Mary Kay Campbell will never forget the holiday season of 2018. It started as a joyous family holiday in San Diego but ended badly as Mary and her brother endured a life-changing bike accident which left her in the hospital for weeks.


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Celebrating the True Heroes during National Nurses Month

CHA HPMC is not just a place where individuals come to get healed—we are an essential part of the community fostering health and providing hope during times of need. Our committed team of healthcare professionals showed exemplary courage and dedication towards safeguarding our patients and community during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic—a display of true strength and true heroism.