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CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Appoints Rohit Varma, MD, MPH, as Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Rohit Varma is a World-Renowned Physician Scientist and Brings Unparalleled Experience to his Newest Role with CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.


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Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress. While anxiety is normal, sometimes our brain may become overprotective and it can feel like it’s taking over our body. Different events or tasks can trigger anxiety among different people, but identifying the cause is important to cope with anxiety.


Patient Stories

Specialized Therapy Helps Youngster Recover from Traumatic Car Accident

Joshua Barsky, 25, is STEM major student at University of California, Santa Cruz. He enjoys going to college and was excited about his future career. All that changed when he met with a traumatic car accident this year, causing severe head and spinal injuries.


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Celebrating the True Heroes during National Nurses Month

CHA HPMC is not just a place where individuals come to get healed—we are an essential part of the community fostering health and providing hope during times of need. Our committed team of healthcare professionals showed exemplary courage and dedication towards safeguarding our patients and community during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic—a display of true strength and true heroism.


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