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Professor Rachel West honored with KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) honored Professor Rachel West at Auburn University with the KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology for her contributions to the development of reproductive medicine. Dr. West follows a distinguished group of researchers as the ninth recipient of the award.


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What Your Nails Tell You About Your Overall Health

It is important to keep your fingernails healthy for more than just cosmetic reasons. Your fingernails can provide clues to your overall health and signal any health issues. Gabriela Czapek, Registered Dietitian at CHA HPMC, explains by answering some common questions.


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CHA HPMC Became My Second Home: Sandra Leon’s Story of Welcoming Eight Babies

In 2008, Sandra Leon delivered her first baby at CHA HPMC. Little did she know that she would welcome seven more babies at our hospital. After welcoming eight babies, Sandra considers us her ‘second home’.


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Celebrating the True Heroes during National Nurses Month

CHA HPMC is not just a place where individuals come to get healed—we are an essential part of the community fostering health and providing hope during times of need. Our committed team of healthcare professionals showed exemplary courage and dedication towards safeguarding our patients and community during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic—a display of true strength and true heroism.