Billing and Financial Services

CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center accepts a wide variety of insurance plans.

CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Price Transparency


Patient’s Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills: Please click on your preferred language below to access the notice.

Separate Hospital Bills and Physician Bills


The hospital and each physician you encounter as a patient will bill separately.

Hospital bills cover your services at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. We will bill your insurance carrier directly. We also offer multiple payment options for the amount that is your personal responsibility. Choose the method best suited to your circumstance and contact us to discuss other financing options.

Each physician that provides professional services during your stay will send you a separate bill.

This applies to specialists who may have visited you in the hospital or provided services in the Emergency Room as well as anesthesiologists, pathologists and radiologists.

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The charges only represent hospital charges and do not include physician charges. Final price and billing will depend on multiple factors, including but not limited to the entire course of treatment and insurance contract coverage.

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