Classes & Events

CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center offers many classes and events to our patients, employees, and community.
Mixed ethnic group of three couples at a maternity class, pregnant wives seated on the floor, husbands kneeling behind them

Classes for expecting parents

We offer interactive childbirth classes, maternity tours, and breastfeeding classes.

  • Childbirth classes: Gives you and your companion accurate information about labor and delivery and any possible complications that may occur during birthing process.  
  • Maternity tours: The free tours help explain the process of delivering CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Breastfeeding classes: Classes provide breastfeeding techniques using video clips and props to help parents.

To learn more about delivering your baby at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, please call Special Deliveries at 323.913.4909.


Group of five younger and older doctors and nurses, men and women, seated and paying attention at a continuing medical education class

Classes for Healthcare Professionals

Our Education Department offers several healthcare classes for non-employees and employees in the healthcare field, including ACLS, BLS, Workplace Violence Training, Hospital Fire and Life Safety, NRP, and PALS.

Please refer to the class you would like to take part in and click on the page to learn more about requirements, registration and fees, and class availability.

To learn more about Classes for Healthcare Professionals at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, please call the Education Department at 323-913-4582.



Find a Physician

For a free referral to one of our exceptional physicians, please call Find a Physician at 888.522.3455. You can also search online. Ready to get started?