“I delivered my first baby here 10 years ago at CHA HPMC, and it just keeps getting better and better.”

Joanna Plancarte, a mother of four, has been a dedicated patient of CHA HPMC for over a decade. She first delivered her baby here 10 years ago, and her experience has only improved with time. Now, all four of her children have been born here.

Joanna’s connection to CHA HPMC began long before her first pregnancy. Joanna’s brother was born at CHA HPMC 30 years ago. When Joanna found out she was pregnant, her mother advised her, “Go to Hollywood Presbyterian. It’s old but a really good hospital.” Trusting her mother’s recommendation, Joanna delivered her first child here and has been returning ever since for each of her deliveries.
Joanna's Daughter's Journey of Trust and Care at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center
What Joanna appreciates most about CHA HPMC is the personal attention and strong connections she has built with the staff. Joanna describes the staff as extremely nice and always welcoming. Joanna never feels out of place; instead, she feels like she’s coming to a second family. The comfort and guidance provided by the staff make her feel at home, which is a significant contributor to her positive experiences at the hospital.

Her praise extends to her doctor, Dr. Jonathan Azizzadeh. Joanna regards him as a wonderful doctor and continues to trust him implicitly. Even after four deliveries, Dr. Azizzadeh remains her top choice.

For Joanna, CHA HPMC isn’t just a hospital—it’s a place where she feels safe, supported, and at home. With a century of service to the community and a tradition of caring for multiple generations, CHA HPMC continues to be a trusted hospital for families like Joanna’s.
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