Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

For Ryan Carlo Obando, CHA HPMC is not just the birthplace of his first child—we have been the healthcare provider of choice for his family since several decades. “Having lived and grown in the neighborhood since the 80s, I have seen each member of my family come to this hospital for their routine health checkups or medical emergencies. When my father suffered a heart attack and uncle had a stroke, both were brought here for immediate treatment,” he says.

Since opening doors in 1924, CHA HPMC has become a fixture of the Hollywood community, catering to a diverse patient population across different age groups. Over the years, we have transformed and improved our services to meet the healthcare needs of our community. In 2018, we embarked on a $400 million master campus expansion to provide more space for care. “With each visit to the hospital over four decades, I witnessed the service, technology, and care quotient drastically transform in a good way. The hospital is constantly evolving and upgrading itself, which is a positive contribution to the community,” explains Ryan.

Even though the Obando family had received care at our hospital for several years, this was their first time experiencing the women’s health services—particularly labor and delivery and recovery facilities. “I live a stone’s throw away from the hospital. Had it been a hospital that I didn’t trust, I would have chosen another healthcare provider far away. But a level of trust has been built with this hospital and I looked no further to welcome little Lucius.”

Delivering his first child at CHA HPMC further sealed his trust in our facilities and capabilities. During the delivery, a complication arose and the baby’s umbilical cord got wrapped around the neck. “As a first-time parent, I was very worried about my baby. But the doctor took the right decision and performed a C-section,” he says. “The hospital is fully equipped to handle all complications. They also have a specialized NICU facility—staffed by physicians from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles—and that gave us more confidence.”

Ryan and his wife Liezel Santiago Obando were new to parenting. However, the nursing team provided seamless experience. “Taking care of the baby was new to us. But since the time we stepped into the recovery room, we were happy to see all the services and facilities. I even had a lactation consultant to learn the proper breastfeeding technique,” says Liezel, adding that she was very happy to see several nurses speaking in her native Filipino language. “It’s like a ‘United Nation of Nurses’. It is great to see so many different cultures – and being cared for by nurses from our own culture. It added a level of comfort since they understood our cultural traditions and mindset.”

Lucius is the newest member of the Obando family who will receive expert care at CHA HPMC. Obando and Park family stories are a testament to how CHA HPMC has been caring for generations of families and will continue to do so in the years to come.
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