Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

When little Anna Li visited her grandmother at our hospital during surgery, it was not her first visit. Li has a special connection with our hospital since birth—she was born here. Soyeong Park, Li’s mother, brought her along to show the hospital where she was born. “I have a longstanding connection with this hospital. My daughter was born here and now my mother is undergoing a surgery here. Having interacted with staff from different departments, I am very satisfied with the way nurses take care of patients,” says Park.

After arriving at the hospital for the surgery, Park’s mother was nervous about the procedure and could not find her medication list. Seeing her worried, our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) nursing team not only calmed her, but also helped her find the list of medications. “After my mother was wheeled into the surgery room, I was given regular updates about the procedure and her health. It is very reassuring to know that your family is in safe hands at this hospital,” says Park.

As Park waits for her mother to return from the surgery, she narrates the story of how her daughter Li was born at our hospital. Park’s story is a testament to how CHA HPMC has been caring for generations of families and will continue to do so in the years to come.

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