Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

As a patient transporter, William Knecht, 24, acts as one of the ‘wheels’ of patient care journey at CHA HPMC. It’s his job to ensure safe and comfortable transportation of patients to and from procedures, tests, or assist with discharges.

As he embarks on the journey with the patient, he begins by announcing the safety instruction: “Please keep your arms, hands, and feet inside the gurney at all times”—something you might commonly hear on a Disneyland or Universal Studios ride. “Patients often laugh when they hear this and it helps me strike a chord with them,” says William.

Patient Transporter William Knecht Comforts Patients along the Way with Conversation

William Knecht in Action

William’s conversation with the patients may sound like small talk, but these conversations are anything but ordinary. “Hospital stay is overwhelming and patients are anxious and worried. Through these conversations, I try my best to calm them. I keep them informed about where they are being taken and make sure that they are comfortable during the ride,” he says.

William idolizes his 76-year old grandfather who taught him everything about life and the importance of being kind to everyone. Through his actions, and role as a patient transporter, William is walking on his grandpa’s footsteps trying to make a positive impact on the people he comes across.

“It is very difficult to find people like William—especially in his age group—who are willing to do anything and everything for the patients,” says Carlo Guzman, Manager of Patient Transport at CHA HPMC.

While most of these trips last only a few minutes, they can have a big impact on the patient’s overall experience at our hospital. “I have the power to provide a positive experience to patients and I treat them like my own family. I’ve always wanted to help people and that’s one of the main reasons why I entered the healthcare industry,” he says. That philosophy is part of the reason Carlo chose to hire William. “I wish I could clone him,” says Carlo, with a smile.
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