Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

CHA HPMC registered dietitians provide food and nutrition information, and educate patients in management of complex medical conditions. For National Nutrition Month, we shine the spotlight on our registered dietitian Janette Bedoyan and how she impacts patient care at our hospital.

Janette Bedoyan grew up with an interest in dietetics due to a family history of diabetes and heart disease. “Seeing my family follow diet control piqued my interest in learning the science of food and how that impacts our health—specifically different disease processes,” she says.

Janette is one of six registered dietitians in food and nutrition services at CHA HPMC. She spends most days seeing patients, assessing their lab results, medications, current meal plan, and conducting research on nutrition related diseases. “I conduct research about the patient’s medical history and their health problems to develop a plan that supports their treatment plan and provides the necessary nutrition. I also meet the patients and educate them about balanced eating, what their personalized meal plan looks like, and how it is adapted to their specific medical condition,” she explains.

A newly minted registered dietitian, Janette is passionate about living a strong and healthy life, and is committed to helping patients live the same way. “Food and nutrition services is a small, but mighty, team and we support each other to learn and grow in our own roles,” she points.

Our team of dietitians work with over 200 patients at the hospital—but Janette seems unfazed by the workload. Her passion for the role and positive outlook helps her tackle all kinds of cases, including challenging ones. The favorite aspect of her job, Janette says, is working with a diverse patient population. “I enjoy teaching patients why it is important to make specific dietary choices,” she adds.

Being part of the medical care team, Janette impacts patient lives. “Working with a diverse group of patient population—including those from low socio-economic background, I help them make healthy choices post their discharge by providing community nutrition resources and handouts that highlight food options suited to their lifestyle and budgets,” she says.

Our dietitians are improving patient outcomes at the hospital by providing better nutrition care, increasing patient’s knowledge of nutrition, and access to healthy foods.
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