The Supply Chain team plays a vital role in CHA HPMC and is the backbone of our organization. Day-to-day functioning of our hospital would not be seamless if not for their tireless, dedicated support in ensuring that our caregivers have uninterrupted availability of medical supplies and clean medical devices needed to provide optimal care for our patients. We shine the spotlight on our Supply Chain team—heroes who wear more hats than their title reflects.

The supply chain team has deep knowledge of each department’s needs and continuously assists in meeting our organizational goals—from collaborating in making purchasing decisions to ensuring our hospital has all the right products and equipment at the right time, in the most cost effective way.

The Warehouse and Supply team has more than 30 different duties and responsibilities. Each technician is an expert trained to do all 30 duties, when needed. “We have added few new team members and even though they have joined recently, it feels as if they have been here with us for a long time,” explains Dagmar Wilson, Central Supply Supervisor at CHA HPMC.


  1. Fulfills an average of 770 purchase orders/month
  2. Receives an average of 2,100 deliveries and inspect about 9,000 packages every month
  3. Delivers an average of 180,000 supply items to nursing floors every month
  4. Rents medical devices such as IV pumps and infusion pumps and assembles crash carts, intubation trays, chest trays, PPE packs, etc.

“The HPMC Supply Chain team, especially the Warehouse and Supply Tech team, is one of the best teams I have known in my career. They are most resilient to change, have a ‘can do’ attitude, and are always willing to help each other, especially when the team is short staffed,” says Zeny Jones, Director of Supply Chain at CHA HPMC, adding that the team has some of the longest serving employees at CHA HPMC.

The Supply Chain team works together, embraces the daily challenge to solve supply chain problems, and achieves things together. These heroes rarely seek spotlight for their valuable contributions to our organization and patient care. Next time you meet these heroes in green, take a moment to thank them for their wholehearted support, 365 days of the year!
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