Posted by Su Lee

While every labor and delivery experience is unique, giving birth to twins for a first-time mother can be overwhelming and frightening. Like any new mom, Tytiana McCombs was excited to deliver her babies. But giving birth to twins popped numerous questions in her mind. “I had so many questions and some of them were so basic. But I could discuss anything with my PA-C, Jennifer Huddleston, and she would answer all my questions—even the silly ones,” says Tytiana, with a smile.

If the idea of giving birth to twins wasn’t nerve-racking enough, Tytiana had to undergo a Cesarean section as well. But she handled it well. “On the birthing table, the physicians and staff made sure I was fine and calmed all my fears. They informed me about everything that was happening during the delivery and made me feel at ease,” she says.

After her delivery, Tytiana and the newborns were wheeled to the post-partum unit. “Everyone loved us—especially the twins. The staff did regular check-ups, answered all our questions, kept us well informed about everything, and fulfilled our requests. They even made sure that my partner was comfortable, offered him blankets, and pillows,” adds Tytiana. In fact, the nursing teams observed Tytiana’s liking for Jell-O (gelatin dessert) and made sure she received an extra Jell-O during her meals. “It was a sweet gesture,” she says.

Tytiana cherishes every moment of holding her newborns and caring for them with her partner. But the moment her partner is out of sight, the newborns tag-team against Tytiana. “It’s like they can interact with each other and they already have a personality. They know I’m alone and immediately start crying to create trouble for me,” says Tytiana, with laughter.

With each passing day, Tytiana sees her bundles of joy grow and develop their own personalities.

As Tytiana sees her little bundles of joy grow with each passing day, she still remembers the day when her twin wonders came into this world.

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