Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a joyous occasion but for Giselle Espina and Miguel Gutierrez, little Angelina’s arrival was even more special. As she entered the world on July 21, 2021, Angelina was the fourth member of the family to be born at CHA HPMC.

It all started with the birth of Giselle and Miguel at CHA HPMC in 1998 and 1997 respectively. The second generation followed suit—creating a strong bond between the family and CHA HPMC. “It’s very special to welcome our babies in the same hospital where we were born,” say Giselle and Miguel, adding, “It’s like a second home for us.”

Even though the childhood sweethearts, Giselle and Miguel, live in the valley, they had no second thoughts when it came to choosing us to welcome their babies. “While we don’t know much about the care experience our mothers received when they delivered us, we received the best maternity care when we welcomed our first baby, Selena, three years ago. When we got pregnant with our second baby, we knew where to go,” says Giselle.

To prepare for her delivery, Giselle attended the Breastfeeding Class, Childbirth Class, and Maternity Tour at CHA HPMC. Giselle went into labor on July 21, which also happened to be one of the busiest days in our labor and delivery unit. “Even though the nurses were very busy, they never showed that in the way they cared and everyone worked as a team,” she remembers. Giselle felt at home at CHA HPMC and was extremely grateful to have her partner by her side. “I appreciate the fact that they let the dad stay with the wife and baby. I have family members who gave birth in the Valley and they only had chairs for the dad. The hospitality is wonderful and we are thankful for this level of care,” she says.

When friends and family members ask the couple why they chose to travel far and deliver at CHA HPMC, Giselle and Miguel reply in unison, “The distance is worth the kind of treatment and care we receive here.”
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