Posted by Su Lee

Tom* complained of chest pains and his family immediately brought him to CHA HPMC. “We had to give him immediate treatment because his symptoms were dangerous and needed immediate care,” explained Dr. Raed Bargout, MD, CHA HPMC.

Time is of essence for any medical treatment and Tom’s family believes they did the right thing by bringing him to CHA HPMC. “With the availability of so many online resources, I did my own research on the treatment they provided. But the doctors and nurses explained it to me in such a way that I could easily understand his care procedure,” explained a member of his family.

When Tom was wheeled into the hospital, Dr. Bargout and the nursing team immediately identified his problem and prepared him for the treatment without any delay. Even after the treatment, nursing team explained his future treatment process and medications. “They explained everything in a detailed manner, and I had no questions about what treatment he was undergoing,” said another family member adding, “The staff was very attentive to his needs and conducted regular check-ups.”

Even when they’re not by Tom’s side, his family doesn’t need to worry about his care as the nursing team keeps them informed about his health. “We have complete trust in the team here,” said the family.
Tom is currently recovering at CHA HPMC and will soon be back home. His family believes they will always remember the CHA HPMC nursing team that took care of him. “After a surgery or medical procedure, people often forget the staff who helped them and took care of them. But we will always remember the exceptional team that took care of Tom like their own family member,” they said.


*Patient’s real name is not used to protect their identity


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