Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

With the recent closure of St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, Teresa Disarufino was worried about finding a good hospital for the medical needs of her 96-year old mother. “Her health has been declining due to age and I have been looking for a good healthcare provider in the same neighborhood to care for her,” said Teresa, a retired healthcare professional.

Recently, Teresa’s mother noticed bleeding with every bowel movement and she was taken to her primary care provider. “The doctor said its Gastrointestinal bleeding (GI) and she needs immediate care. He advised us to take her to the nearest emergency department,” she said. Teresa and her mother went to the nearest ED (hospital name withheld) for immediate care. But after an 8-hour long grueling wait, they left home without being seen. “The waiting room was utter chaos. People were yelling and there were patients bleeding in the hallway. It was a bad experience and we couldn’t sit there anymore,” she explained.

The next morning, Teresa brought her mother to CHA HPMC ED. Upon arrival, our triage team immediately took Teresa’s mother to check her vitals. “In less than 30 minutes, my mother was triaged, inspected by the doctor, and admitted to the hospital. Everything moved like a well-oiled machine,” she said. Emergency Department staff at CHA HPMC is dedicated to serving patients with faster, compassionate treatment—24/7—during times of highest need. Our innovative ‘ER Express’ triage system reduces waiting time, resulting in a less stressful experience as we provide every patient with clear direction for their plan of care.

“As someone who has worked in a hospital for 33 years, I understand the functioning and expectations well. I have been on both sides of the fence—as a patient and a healthcare professional. I know that all hospitals in this area are getting inundated due to St. Vincent closure. But I like how CHA HPMC is managing its patients even with such high volumes. The triage system is very beneficial in providing fast care and treatment in such times and I could see that benefitted my own mother,” she explained.

Teresa feels she made the right decision to bring her mother to CHA HPMC ED. “Seeing other emergency departments in the area, I am happy my mother was treated here. The nurses and doctors not only provided immediate care, but were compassionate and courteous,” she said, adding that she will choose CHA HPMC for her mother’s healthcare needs.
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