Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Donna Jones had a healthy pregnancy and she was all set to welcome her son as the due date approached. This was Jones’ second child and she wanted a normal delivery. But everything didn’t go as planned. “Due to last minute complications, my gynecologist Dr. Shobhana Gandhi suggested a C-section for the safety of my baby. I trusted the doctor and she made the right decision to help me deliver a healthy baby,” says Jones.

Dr. Gandhi and the nursing team at CHA HPMC constantly checked on Jones during her labor and made sure she was comfortable. “Every time I called for help or asked something from the nurses, they would immediately come and help me with whatever I needed. It definitely made me feel more special and cared for,” she remembers. Jones even developed a strong bond with one of our nurses and requested the nurse to be by her side during the delivery. “The nurse was really nice and I formed a unique connection with her with the way she looked after me. She went out of her way and stayed with me during my delivery to make me feel at ease,” remembers Jones.

After her C-section, Jones recovered under the care of our nursing team. “The hospital also provided resources and support for breastfeeding, which was helpful even as a second-time mom,” says Jones.

For Jones, this was the right birthing experience to welcome her newborn into the world.

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