Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

John Dalesandro recently dashed across the floor of his restaurant in La Brea, Los Angeles. His patrons were pleased to see him back on his feet after recovering from a partial knee replacement surgery.

Three years ago, John suffered a meniscal tear—an injury caused by forceful or sudden twisting of knee. “Being in the restaurant business, I am on my feet for 7-8 hours a day. I lift heavy items, bend, and twist often, which caused the injury,” he says. John consulted an orthopedic surgeon at a renowned medical center (name withheld on request) in Los Angeles who suggested rehab instead of an appropriate treatment. After finding no relief from pain for two years, John approached his primary care doctor who recommended him to consult Dr. William T Long, CHA HPMC’s board-certified Orthopedic Surgery Specialist, for a second opinion.

John conducted detailed research about Dr. Long and his treatment methods. “He (Dr. Long) is a pioneer in robotic knee and hip replacement surgeries and has dedicated his life to this field. I was impressed by his accomplishments,” says John, adding that he was fascinated to see the advanced robotic-assisted surgical technology used by Dr. Long and his team at CHA HPMC.

In 2020, CHA HPMC brought on board the most advanced robotics platform called CORI Surgical System. It is the only joint replacement system that allows partial knee, total knee, and bi-cruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty. Dr. Long was the first surgeon to perform a robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery in Los Angeles in 2008. He is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgical techniques which help patients recover fast, while minimizing hospital stay and treatment costs.

John scheduled his first consultation with Dr. Long and he was extremely happy that he did. “Dr. Long suggested partial knee replacement surgery and spent almost 45 minutes explaining the procedure and why it would be beneficial for me. I had concerns about insurance coverage and it was a great relief to find out that the hospital accepted all major insurances,” he says.

John booked his knee replacement surgery. Both the procedure and recovery were quick. “I was off the crutches in less than 48 hours. By the second week, I could take the stairs slowly,” he says.

When asked the reason for choosing CHA HPMC, John says, “The advanced robotic technology at this hospital was a huge plus which none of the other hospitals have.”

As a restaurateur who spends almost 60 hours on his feet each week and walks over 10,000 steps a day, John feels that if he had delayed the surgery further, it would have worsened his condition and impacted his work.

John believes he chose the right doctor and right procedure, especially given the difference he feels in his knee. “I’m back to doing what I enjoy and I am very happy with my decision.”
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