Posted by Su Lee

When Diana Rodriguez’s daughter-in-law gave birth to her first child, daughter Xul-ha Ariel Ek- Rodriguez, she was right by her side to welcome her granddaughter. Even before Diana started working at CHA HPMC’s Southern California Eye Institute (SCEI)—as an Ophthalmic Assistant, she had formed a special bond with the hospital with the birth of her granddaughter in 2012. “It’s a different experience and different type of love compared to having your own kid. The moment I held my granddaughter in my arms, it was a wonderful feeling. That day onwards, this hospital became special to me and I formed a special connect with everyone here,” recalls Diana. “We had our own private room and it was helpful for the family to visit and spend time. Nurses were very helpful during the stay,” adds Diana.

Having lived in the hospital neighborhood since her childhood, Diana has seen the hospital grow and improve over the years. “I am a local around the area, and as a local, I witnessed the hospital significantly improve in terms of new buildings, new facilities, and staffing,” explains Diana.

Diana joined CHA HPMC’s SCEI early this year and feels deeply connected with the hospital. “Having my granddaughter born here makes me go the extra mile to care for the patients—it’s my way of giving back to the hospital, people, and the community,” says Diana, proudly.

Each time you visit SCEI, Diana’s warm smile and greeting are hard to miss.

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