Posted by Su Lee

The first week of August is the World Breastfeeding Week. Priscilla Leyva, a mother of two babies who were both born at CHA HPMC, shares breastfeeding tips and her experience of giving birth at CHA HPMC.

Impressed by her previous experience at CHA HPMC, Priscilla chose CHA HPMC again for delivery of her second child. “They go above and beyond each and every time,” says Pricilla as she mentions Karen and Sasha, the two nurses who helped her. Both Priscilla and her husband Jose Abreg appreciates the staff for relaxing her and checking on her frequently.

“This is my second baby, but breastfeeding is difficult even the second time around. It can be a daunting experience especially for new mothers,” says Priscilla. “I encourage all mothers to be patient and confident when they breastfeed. It also helps to develop a rhythm for you and your baby by waking them up and feeding them every two hours.”

Priscilla also shares that getting help with breastfeeding is important for new mothers. Priscilla feels overwhelmed when she breastfeeds. Feeling uncomfortable with her breastfeeding position, she asked for a lactation consultant at CHA HPMC. “Receiving help from lactation consultants is very helpful. She helped me to feel more relaxed and cheered for me when I did something correctly,” says Priscilla. “My consultant even provided tips on how to take care of my breasts with buttercream.”

Thanks to the hard work from staff at CHA HPMC, Priscilla is ready to go back home with her newborn baby. She is especially looking forward to breastfeeding her baby. “I believe that breastfeeding is the best for my baby because it’s nutritious and healthy,” says Priscilla and Jose. As a mother, Priscilla emphasizes that breastfeeding can be an opportunity to bond with newborns. “Just relax and enjoy the moment,” says Pricilla as she smiles looking at her baby.

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