Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

As a former nurse, Mita Alobaid understood the importance of taking care of her health. But somehow in the hustle and bustle of patient care and family life, she began neglecting her own health, since the past few years. “Due to high work pressure, I started working very long hours and completely neglected myself, my family, and my health,” says Mita, who is hypertensive and diabetic.

To make things worse, her husband passed away soon after and she couldn’t cope with the loss. “I lost the will to live and became depressed,” she says. Over the years, grief negatively impacted her health. Early this year, Mita came to our Emergency Department (ED) with severe hypertension—her systolic blood pressure (BP) was 237. She was diagnosed with hypertensive crisis, a condition where severe increase in blood pressure can lead to a variety of acute, life-threatening complications.

Mita was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to receive immediate care to manage her BP levels. “The ICU nurses are like angels and took really good care of me from the time I was admitted. I had severe breathing trouble, but they took such good care that it was reassuring to be in their hands,” she says.

Mita has a longstanding relationship with CHA HPMC—she has worked at our hospital in the 1990s. Even today, she remembers several of our physicians and nursing staff whom she has worked with previously. “As a patient, this is my third admission here. Due to my old connections with this hospital, I understand the level of care and it feels like home to me. The staff cheered me and have motivated me to take care of my health,” she says.

Mita is soon going to become a grandma and she is looking forward to spending time with her grandkid—filled with a renewed sense of hope and purpose in life!
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