CHA HPMC is not just a place where individuals come to get healed—we are an essential part of the community fostering health and providing hope during times of need. Our committed team of healthcare professionals showed exemplary courage and dedication towards safeguarding our patients and community during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic—a display of true strength and true heroism.

100 years ago, U.S. president Warren G Harding declared May 12 as National Hospital Day, also the birthday of the founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale, in response to the outbreak of the Spanish flu in 1918. Over the years, National Hospital Day has expanded to National Hospital Week to recognize the contributions of healthcare professionals who take care of their communities and ensure their wellbeing. This year, 2021, that recognition is even more significant as we appreciate the relentless work of healthcare teams across the globe in spreading hope to diverse communities, by bringing the COVID-19 vaccination to all, and helping them rebuild their lives with their family.

As the CEO of a hospital, I am extremely grateful to all the healthcare professionals for helping patients, their families, and communities pull through the pandemic and return to the post-pandemic way of life, as we put COVID-19 behind us and look forward to a brighter, stronger year ahead.

CHA HPMC has been serving Angelenos since 1924 and I am certain you’ll agree that our healthcare professionals have transformed the way we deliver care in the 97 years of our existence. As we carry on our journey together, we will continue to provide quality care with compassion and respect as we strive to build a safer, healthier community for all.