Posted by Su Lee

On her first day as a CHA HPMC employee, Yoona Choe got a special tour of the hospital unlike any other new employee. Her father himself—a former employee of the company—showed Yoona around and even introduced her to key people within the company. “Being in the same company as my father feels like it has a deep meaning; it honestly feels like I was destined to join this company,” says Yoona, with a smile.

Yoona Choe, an ophthalmology technician at CHA HPMC, considers her father as a role model and she chose to trace her father’s footsteps as a CHA HPMC employee. “During my orientation here, my father accompanied me and showed me the different departments. He shared his fond memories at the company and introduced me to some of his co-workers,” Yoona remembers.

In fact, Yoona shares a deeper bond with our company—a bond sealed by birth. “I was born at CHA HPMC and its a special feeling to be working in the same place. Working here is my way of giving back to the people, place, and community which brought me to life,” says Yoona.

Whether it was her role model father or fate that brought her to CHA HPMC, Yoona considers it a blessing and an honor to be a part of the company.

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