Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

When Kiwona Keaton was wheeled into the delivery room at CHA HPMC, tears welled up in her eyes. Unlike other moms, it was not the labor pain that made Keaton cry. “When I entered the delivery room, I saw it so nicely setup with my baby’s crib and it smelled so good. I was overwhelmed and started crying with happiness,” she explains. From admitting to labor and delivery, and recovery, she had a seamless experience delivering her first girl child.

Keaton attended our Maternity Tour in August 2019 to learn everything about delivering her baby at our hospital. “I learned a lot about delivery during the tour and it was really helpful,” she says. During labor, the CHA HPMC nursing team ensured that Keaton felt comfortable. “The nurses were always smiling and they kept me engaged, which helped to ease the pain. It took my mind off from it.”

After inducing labor, Keaton was wheeled into the labor room at 11.30 p.m. “The physician clearly explained the delivery process and told me to remain calm,” she says. Forty five minutes and 1 push later, ‘Amari’—Keaton’s daughter—weighing 8.4 pounds came into this world. “Everybody in the delivery room clapped and congratulated me for delivering with 1 push,” says Keaton proudly smiling. “I feel the doctor really guided me well and helped deliver my baby easily.” Post the delivery, little Amari was cleaned up and laid directly on her mom’s chest. “I was so happy that I could be with my baby immediately afterwards,” she says.

Mother of two boys, Keaton was very happy with the familial bond she had formed with our nursing team while delivering Amari. “I delivered my boys at two other hospitals. But the connection I formed with the staff here is very different. You can clearly see that it’s not programmed, and everybody here is naturally caring and compassionate,” she says. “They were like a mother to me.”

While recovering in the post-partum unit, Keaton also spent time watching the construction activities at CHA HPMC building, to improve quality of care and services. “People think that construction noise can be disturbing. But I must say that neither was the noise nor the construction people working were disturbing. The positive spirit and aura from everyone working here takes away negativity and disturbance,” she says. “I can’t wait to see the new patient tower,” she says as little Amari coos with agreement.

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