Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Often, families are not prepared to handle medical emergencies of loved ones and it is the hospital nursing teams who play an important role in calming their fears during these critical times. Stepan Arabadjian, a resident of Los Feliz, faced such a situation when his father was admitted to the ICU at our hospital. “When you see your loved ones in pain and facing health issues, care and compassion from the nursing staff helps you face these difficult situations. From the moment my father was wheeled through the ICU doors, my fears were immediately put to rest. A courteous and compassionate team of nurses enveloped my father with utmost care,” explains Arabadjian.

Whether he was right next to his father in the ICU or away at work, Arabadjian knew everything about his father’s health condition and treatment—courtesy of the constant coordination among the staff and regular communication provided by the ICU nursing team which took care of his father. “The hospital has such kind hearted and caring people who go the extra mile to care for not just the patients but even their family members. Looking at this, I am confident that my father will make a remarkable and full recovery,” Arabadjian says, with confidence.

Having lived in the neighborhood for the past 29 years, Arabadjian has seen the hospital grow over the years. “I have seen this hospital grow and transform through my eyes, over the past three decades and it is great to see such quality care and transformation,” says Arabadjian. Given his recent experience, Arabadjian believes he made the right decision by choosing our hospital for his father’s treatment. “My experience at this hospital confirms my belief that my father is receiving the best possible treatment and care,” he says, watching his father making baby steps towards recovery.

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