Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

October 21-25, 2019 is National Health Education Week to raise awareness about the importance of health care educators and specialists. Health care educators at CHA HPMC play an important role in educating our clinical and non-clinical staff to provide the highest level of care. We interviewed Dayana Ramos, a Health Care Educator at CHA HPMC, to understand how she impacts patient care.

What is the importance of your role at CHA HPMC?

I facilitate the education and training needed for nursing and non-nursing staff to ensure that they are competent in their duties and provide the optimum care needed for our patients.

Describe your journey as a health care educator at CHA HPMC?

I joined the hospital as a volunteer in 2008 and over the years moved across different departments within the organization, learning about patient care. In 2010, I joined the education department and developed an instant passion for my role as a health care educator. Over the past 11 years, I have continuously grown and evolved in my role.

What are the key responsibilities of a health care educator at our hospital?

I coordinate training for all the staff, conduct simulation training—imparting knowledge through classroom learning and real-life clinical experience based on scenarios, and lead clinical students during their internships at our hospital. I conduct at least 4 classes every week.

How does your role impact patient care at CHA HPMC?

By educating our staff and validating their competency, I ensure that they are on par with the industry standards and providing the appropriate level of care to our patients; thereby indirectly impacting patient care.

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