Posted by Su Lee

The journey of pregnancy is filled with moments of joy, excitement, and anticipation of welcoming the newborn—especially for first-time mothers. Halle Resch, a first-time mom, too was excited and—at the same time—nervous about giving birth to her newborn. All her labor and delivery fears were calmed when she met CHA HPMC MD, Bente Kaiser. “I have never even undergone a surgery before. So, I should have been extremely nervous during the delivery. But Dr. Kaiser made it easy for me and she explained everything very well,” says Halle. “I knew I was in good hands under Dr. Kaiser’s care,” she adds.

Post her delivery, Halle learned everything about taking care of her newborn from the nursing team at CHA HPMC. “My nurses helped everything—breastfeeding, regular check-ups, changing the baby’s diapers, and shared every piece of valuable information that a first-time mother should know,” explains Halle.

In fact, Halle got so comfortable with the nurse’s care and support during her hospital stay that she was worried about going home and doing it all by herself. “I was actually bummed to leave the hospital because they took care of everything so well. But the nurses prepped me to take good care of my baby even after going home,” Halle says, with a smile.

Halle, who works as an Assistant Hospital Administrator at LAC-USC County hospital, had no second thoughts when it came to choosing CHA HPMC for her delivery. “Even though the hospital may look old, it is exceptionally clean, and the staff is accountable, and explain what they do during each interaction,” says Halle.

Halle is back at home and has become an expert at caring for her newborn, thanks to the guidance, care, and support of CHA HPMC team.

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