Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Impressed by her sister’s delivery experience at CHA HPMC, Lucila Alvarado chose CHA HPMC to welcome her first baby. “My sister delivered her second baby here in 2019 and I was really impressed by the care she received. I also like the fact that the hospital emphasizes on the importance of breastfeeding and does not prioritize C-section for deliveries unless it’s needed to ensure the safety of the mother and baby,” says Lucila.

To prepare for her delivery, Lucila attended the Breastfeeding Class, Childbirth Class, and Maternity Tour at CHA HPMC. “The Childbirth Class taught us about our body and the science of giving birth and tips to cope with contractions. We also watched a birthing video,” she remembers. Lucila was worried about the contractions being painful. “People say that contractions are not tolerable and it would be worse than menstrual cramps. The tips I learned helped me cope with the contractions,” she says.

Lucila’s husband, Frankli Robles, rushed her to the hospital when she started having contractions during the early hours on May 17. “We reached the hospital at 4:20 a.m. and the baby was born at 5:00 a.m. We didn’t have our paperwork ready, but the nurses were very helpful in taking care of everything,” says Frankli. Lucila remembers the constant support she received from the nurses while she was in labor. “They even helped me get up on my feet and provided support with every little thing. I was even allowed to yell,” says Lucila, giggling.

Whilst on the birthing table, Lucila remembers having an army of doctors and nurses by her side, constantly encouraging and reassuring her. “The environment felt like we were doing a group activity and I could see team work,” she says, adding that she was in control of her delivery. “The doctor let me push whenever I was ready.”

After delivering a baby boy, Frankli (named after Lucila’s husband), the mother and baby were shifted to our post-partum unit to recover under the constant care and support of our compassionate nurses. “I was very hungry in the middle of the night and the nurse got me a sandwich. Nurses knew my needs and checked on me constantly,” she says.

CHA HPMC’s Lactation Consultant gave Lucila the confidence to breastfeed her baby. “The consultant made sure that I fed the baby properly. She showed me how to wake him up, how to hand express, and shared all the breastfeeding tips. She even went ahead and got me a hand pump, in case I needed. The hospital really ensured that I had all the resources to try breastfeeding, before I make a decision to quit,” says Lucila.

A caring husband, Frankli was relieved that he could be with his wife during the delivery and even after delivery in our post-partum unit. “The hospital staff made me feel comfortable and told me everything they were doing. They let me follow them around when they took the baby for tests and procedures. It was good to be informed about everything,” he says.

Lucila is ready to go back home with her newborn baby. She is especially looking forward to breastfeeding her baby. “Right now it feels surreal. I am really looking forward to building that special bond with my baby through breastfeeding,” says Lucila, as little Frankli coos in assurance.
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