Santa Clarita-based Fernicola family chose CHA HPMC to welcome their three babies for three reasons. Firstly, CHA HPMC’s highly specialized Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) gave them the confidence that the babies will be in safe hands post-delivery. Secondly, after receiving remarkable prenatal care and delivery experience under Dr. Bente Kaiser at CHA HPMC for the first delivery, mum Xante Hill looked nowhere else for her second and third deliveries.

“Like all modern generation moms, I did my research and asked Dr. Kaiser about a birth plan for my first baby. She said that the plan would be to ensure the safety of myself and my baby. This sealed my confidence in choosing her as my OBGYN. Also, she was very kind and didn’t make me feel that my questions aren’t valid. She was there for me and my babies every step of the way,” says Xante. “After my first delivery, I hemorrhaged very badly. Dr. Kaiser took such good care that I didn’t need blood transfusion. She also helped my husband take care of my baby when I was passed out,” she remembers.

There was a third, more special, reason for choosing CHA HPMC–Xante’s husband was also born at our hospital 40 years ago.

Xante delivered her first baby, Elizabeth, at CHA HPMC in July 2019—a delivery experience she will never forget. Elizabeth was born on the same day, July 4, when Southern California was struck by the magnitude 6.4 earthquake. “My baby was only three hours old and we were hit by three back-to-back earthquakes. My husband got caught outside the hospital and my baby had to go the pediatric unit due to jaundice. The nurses took really good care of us during this chaotic time,” she remembers.

Xante’s second and third babies, Charlotte and Lillian, born in December 2020 and September 2022, received life-saving, expert care in our NICU. “The NICU care team talks so gently and carefully with the parents. They accommodated me and let me nurse my baby for hours together even during the pandemic. The way they cared for me and my babies, it felt like a 5-star experience,” she remembers.

Fast forward to today, Fernicola babies are happy, healthy, and meeting all growth milestones.
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