Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Early this year, New Hampshire resident Britney Baldwin moved to Los Angeles to begin her career as a marketing professional. Living nearly 3000 miles away from her family in an unknown city, Britney was excited to begin her career. But life had different plans for her.

The 24-year old was struck by pneumonia and became severely ill. Pneumonia is a contagious infection of one or both lungs caused by bacteria, virus, or fungi. “I spoke with her on the phone and she said she was at a hospital undergoing tests. Next thing I know, I get a call that she has been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and put on a ventilator with her platelets dropping,” recalls William Baldwin, Britney’s father. This was the worst nightmare for Britney’s parents. William, a retired lieutenant of police department, immediately got on the next direct flight to LA. “Neither have I ever lived in LA nor do I have any relatives or friends here. I didn’t know anything about this hospital or its care either. I travelled 3,000 miles, worrying about my daughter.”

William landed in LA and immediately rushed to our hospital to be by his daughter’s side. “When I came to the ICU, I noticed the attentive care my daughter was receiving and began to feel more relieved. They monitored her frequently, checking her vitals, and medications. The doctor taking care of her is highly qualified and knowledgeable. He always had answers for my questions. It put my mind at ease,” says William. Since arriving in LA, CHA HPMC has become a second home for William, who has been spending days and nights by his daughter’s bedside. “In other hospitals, you won’t see staff caring for the patient’s family members. But everyone here, in the ICU, has been really kind and helpful. They are naturally good humans, with a good character,” he explains.

Due to the serious nature of infection, Britney’s recovery was slow. “I have full faith in the doctors and nurses here. They provide the information I need, and even if they are not aware of certain things, they will put all efforts to find the answer for you,” says William.

A week into her hospital stay, Britney’s health is improving. “When she arrived at this hospital, she was in a bad condition. But her health improvement shows that she is in good hands. The staff is knowledgeable, articulate, and shows genuine concern for the patients. They went above and beyond for my daughter and I couldn’t ask for anything better,” he says.

As Britney’s health continues to improve, we’re wishing her a safe and continued recovery.
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