Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

First-time parenthood can be exciting as well as overwhelming. Edel Silva and Zuleima Primo started preparations early to welcome their first child and registered for a maternity tour at our hospital. “Before going on the tour, I had so many questions on my mind. But the tour gave me a clear picture and made me feel confident,” says Zuleima, with relief.

CHA HPMC has been bringing new life into this world for more than nine decades. Our maternity tours help parents to-be understand the entire process of delivering—from pre-natal care, to labor and delivery, recovery, and post-partum support. “I was wondering if I could be with my wife during the delivery. During the tour, I learned that I can be in the delivery room to welcome my little one and it made both of us very happy,” says Edel.

After touring our labor, delivery and recovery facilities, Edel and Zuleima received wealth of information they needed for registration and even watched a 25-minute educational video on breastfeeding and its benefits. Many expecting mothers, within close proximity and beyond, choose CHA HPMC to deliver their babies for support and care. “The maternity tour made us feel confident about delivering our baby girl ‘Zury’ in this hospital,” say the excited parents to-be.
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