Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Monique Gutierrez was prepared for her planned C-section on May 1, 2020. She and her husband drove to CHA HPMC. “I have never had any care experience at this hospital. Moreover, I wasn’t able to attend a maternity tour due to the pandemic. So, this was my first visit to the hospital and I didn’t know what to expect,” she says. Monique and her husband were greeted at the entrance by our team of screeners in personal protective equipment (PPE) who took their temperature.

11 years ago, Monique gave birth to her first child. “The experience was totally different,” she says. Preparing for labor and delivery can be stressful for mothers during normal times. But the added layer of preventative measures and procedures—for the safety of the mother, baby, and healthcare team—can add to the anxiety. After checking in to the hospital, Monique had to wait a few hours for the induction procedure. “The nurses kept me updated about the delay and it was good to stay informed,” she says.

Even though this was Monique’s second baby, she was nervous about the delivery process—especially after seeing the doctors and nursing team wearing full PPE in the delivery room. “During my C-section the anesthesiologist gave constant reassurance and helped me stay calm while the doctor and nurses ensured a smooth delivery,” she says.

Post-delivery, Monique and her baby were shifted to the postpartum unit. “The nurses worked really hard and ensured regular cleaning and sanitation, which made me feel safe,” she says. “Any time I needed help and pressed the call light, the nurse would come immediately.”

Looking back, Monique says CHA HPMC staff made her experience as positive and as special as possible. “They made it seem like it wasn’t an abnormal situation or that there was a pandemic going on. Having your family beside you during the delivery is important to make you feel comfortable. Even though I could only have one designated person with me during the delivery, I always felt cared for and the nurses made me feel safe and comfortable. Baby LeBron is doing great thanks to the care I received here,” she says, thanking the team for the exceptional birthing experience.

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