Posted by Su Lee

Alex Ravard always had the curiosity to learn about healthcare practices and patient care. Having recently graduated from Los Angeles-based Loyola Marymount University, she joined the COPE Health Scholars program to gain experience. As part of COPE Health Scholars’ partnership with CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (CHA HPMC), Alex joined our patient care team last month to make a difference in healthcare and build strong relationship within the healthcare industry.

“I am very interested in learning about mental healthcare and exploring how we can overcome the stigma surrounding mental illness. As part of the COPE Health Scholar program, I am taking the first few steps in this direction and learning more about different roles in the patient care team,” explains Alex.

Alex works closely with our patient care team to enhance patient experience and assist with basic care activities like repositioning, feeding, and discharging patients. “Through my experience at CHA HPMC, I am learning the importance of patient experience. I put in my best efforts to help patients feel better during their hospital stay,” Alex says.

One of the key aspects of her learning experience, Alex points, is the interaction with CHA HPMC staff who help her learn new aspects of patient care. “The staff here is extremely friendly and they have made me feel comfortable about being in this new environment. The knowledge they share makes me feel confident in what I do,” says Alex, with a smile.

Alex and her cohort will not only gain experience but will also prove to be valuable supporting partners to the clinical teams at CHA HPMC. Together, through combined efforts, they hope to achieve optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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