Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

In 2008, Sandra Leon delivered her first baby at CHA HPMC. Little did she know that she would welcome seven more babies at our hospital. After welcoming eight babies, Sandra considers us her ‘second home’.

“Each time I delivered a baby, I had a wonderful experience and I’ve been very satisfied with the care and service,” says Sandra. “So, I didn’t have second thoughts and kept coming back.”

Sandra’s Delivery Timeline at CHA HPMC

Before delivering her first baby in 2008, Sandra attended our Maternity Tour to learn more about our facility. “I read online reviews and recommendations about the hospital. I even attended the Maternity Tour which was very helpful in not just learning about the hospital but also their care team and facilities,” she says. CHA HPMC offers maternity tours in English, Spanish, and Korean for expectant parents to help explain the entire process of delivering at our hospital.

Leon's Baby with CHA HPMC Resources
Sandra is proud to have welcomed all eight babies through vaginal birth. “The nurses and doctors guide you and help to achieve what’s best for you and your baby. All of my eight deliveries were vaginal and the care team really supported me in having safe, healthy deliveries,” she says.

For all her deliveries, Sandra had her own private room at the hospital. “The nurses never kept me waiting and I could completely count on them to take care of me like their own family,” Sandra says smilingly. Even as an eight-time mother, Sandra found our lactation consultant very helpful. “It is very helpful to have the support of a lactation consultant and the resources they provide to ensure that I can breastfeed my babies,” she says, adding that she exclusively breastfed her eight babies with the support and resources provided by the hospital’s care team.

Sandra had a memorable delivery experience each time. “I’m grateful to the nurses, doctors, and the entire team at HPMC for taking such great care of me and my babies. You’ll always be my second home and family,” she says.

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