Five years back, Breanna Burnett delivered her third baby at CHA HPMC. Little did she know that she would deliver three more babies at the same hospital. After welcoming four out of her six babies at our hospital, Breanna considers us her ‘second family’.

Breanna’s care journey with CHA HPMC started in 2016. “My experience delivering my third baby Kalani was amazing. I liked the service all around and everyone really met our expectations. So we didn’t have second thoughts when it came to choosing a hospital,” says Breanna, adding that she came back to deliver babies Kaorri, Kash, and Kurrency in 2018, 2019, and 2021 respectively.

Before delivering Kalani, Breanna attended our Maternity Tour to learn more about our facility. “At CHA HPMC’s maternity tour, I was happy to see the spacious maternity center and the highly skilled care team. Knowing I had these knowledgeable and trusted childbirth experts to rely on made me less nervous and more excited about my delivery,” she explains. CHA HPMC offers maternity tours in English and Spanish for expectant parents to help explain the entire process of delivering at our hospital.

For each of her four deliveries, Breanna had her own private room at the hospital which she shared with her own family. In these five years, she has found a ‘second family’ in the nursing staff and formed a close bond with them. “Having these amazing, compassionate nurses by my side was the biggest factor for me to come back. They’ve provided exceptional care and support throughout the years. They cared for even the smallest things, such as my hunger cravings at night, and made sure I was comfortable. It didn’t feel like a hospital, but like a home to me,” she explains.

Three out of four deliveries were induced, so Breanna knew she was coming in to get admitted on a certain day. “The nurses kept everything ready and stayed by my side for the entire delivery,” she says. Breanna’s most recent delivery experience at CHA HPMC was during the COVID-19 pandemic and she believes “the nurses were her support system.”

Baby Kurrency

Baby Kurrency

Even as a sixth time mother, Breanna found the lactation consultant very helpful. “There are new lactation devices and resources, so it was helpful to have the lactation consultant’s coaching. During each delivery, I learned something new,” says Breanna.

As Breanna rested in her spacious recovery room with her family, she was excited to see our new state-of-the-art patient tower building. “The hospital is expanding now and it will be great to see the new building. I’m confident that even with the new building, the service will be great as always, if not better,” she says.

For Breanna, each delivery was an unforgettable experience. “The comfort level, the preparation, the amazing physicians and staff, and the pampering by nurses made it amazing every time,” she concludes.
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