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Justin Park and Jin Yeong Youn were not ready for their baby girl to arrive more than two months early. Pregnancy complications forced Jin Yeong to go into labor sooner than her due date, at which point she was admitted to CHA HPMC. “My first daughter was born in Korea 13 years ago, so I am familiar with the Korean medical systems and processes. In the US, the healthcare system is different and I didn’t know what to expect,” she says.
Justin and Baby Yenna
Justin is the Director of Construction and Development at CHA Health Systems (CHS), a global network providing a full spectrum of dynamic healthcare services. CHS owns CHA HPMC. While Justin and Jin Yeong had no prior experience receiving care at CHA HPMC, Justin had several positive experiences interacting with our caregivers during his work-related visits to the hospital. “So we decided to choose CHA HPMC,” says Jin Yeong.

Due to her age and complications from a previous pregnancy, Jin Yeong was referred to an obstetrician expert in high-risk pregnancies for specialized care to protect her health and ensure optimal health for her unborn infant. Pregnancy complications forced Jin Yeong to be admitted to CHA HPMC during the 26th week of her pregnancy. She was under complete bedrest and received expert care from our doctors and nursing team. “It is important to have a care team that understands what you are going through and knows how to make you feel comfortable. The doctor and nurses answered all my questions and provided constant care. Every day, nurses shared special messages for me on the whiteboard in my room. One of the warmest messages I remember said ‘Stay pregnant with Lovey as long as possible’”, Jin Yeong remembers. Three weeks later, she developed an infection in her lungs and had to undergo an emergency C-section. Baby Yenna was born at just 29 weeks and 3 days and was immediately transferred to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), staffed by renowned neonatologists and specially trained experts, to receive specialized care.

Baby Vienna
Jin Yeong and Justin visited baby Yenna in the NICU regularly. “The nurses and doctors understood our nervousness and anxiety and reassured us about the safety of our baby, each time we visited. I am grateful to them as their voices showed that they took great care of our little one,” says Jin Yeong.

After spending 71 days in our NICU, under the constant watch of our experts, Yenna was discharged home with a special ceremony. Each preemie discharged gets a personalized graduation ceremony with their family and receives a special certificate. “The NICU team celebrated Yenna’s graduation and they were very happy to see our little one go home healthy,” remembers Jin Yeong, adding that she had tears of joy during the celebration.

Justin believes that he made the best decision to choose CHA HPMC to welcome his baby and trusts us with his family’s health. Fast forward to today, Yenna is a happy, healthy 16-month old. “She is meeting all growth milestones and it’s exciting to see her learn new things every day,” says the happy father.
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