Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Since the time Andrea Reyes knew she was having a baby girl, she was eagerly waiting for the big day. But her wait was filled with anxiety and sleepless nights as—a first time mother—she didn’t know what to expect on the birthing table. “Being pregnant was an overwhelming experience, especially as the due date was approaching. But CHA HPMC staff helped me successfully deliver my first baby,” she recalls.

The moment Andrea stepped into the hospital, she was welcomed by the nursing team and staff. “It felt as if they knew me for a long time and we had a special bond,” smiles Andrea. The nursing team and staff calmed Andrea and her birthing fears. “They explained everything about labor and delivery and supported me through the entire process. And their support continued even after the baby was born,” remembers Andrea. The nursing team provided proper guidance on taking care of a newborn baby—breastfeeding, changing diapers, regular monitoring, etc. “By the time I was discharged, I felt like an ‘expert’ mom,” Andrea says, as her little newborn coos in agreement.

After having a memorable delivery experience at CHA HPMC, Andrea wanted to share her experience with other expectant moms. Fortunately, we were filming for the CHA HPMC brand campaign at the same time. “What better way to share your experience than on camera,” says Andrea who happily agreed to participate in our brand campaign video with her little one. Our campaign video is a clear reflection of Andrea’s experience at our hospital.

Looking back at her experience at our hospital, Andrea feels she made the best decision to choose CHA HPMC for her delivery. And now her experience is etched in her memories as it also happens to be her newborn’s first on-camera moment.

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