Posted by Divya Sathyanarayanan

Margaret Sutton, 67, had been suffering from involuntary nerve movements—also known as Hemifacial Spasm—for over eight years. She tried all kinds of treatments and remedies—from temporomandibular joint appliance and therapy to Botox injections, but nothing worked. The condition affected Sutton’s sight and quality of life. “Due to these involuntary movements, my eye used to close suddenly and I wasn’t able to drive properly or do anything else.”

After trying various treatment alternatives, Sutton consulted her primary care physician who recommended her to CHA HPMC Neurosurgeon Dr. Joung Lee. “Seeing Dr. Lee’s background, experience, and rich history of handling over 4000 complex surgery cases, I knew he could provide a solution for my condition. He gave me a ray of hope,” says Sutton. An internationally renowned authority in the subspecialty of skull base surgery, Dr. Lee has pioneered many innovative surgical techniques which are currently used by neurosurgeons throughout the world.

Sutton underwent two brain surgeries, within a span of 5 weeks, under Dr. Lee’s care. “I am 100% healed and can perfectly see without any twitches or movements,” says Sutton, with a smile and confidence in her voice.

While recovering in the ICU, post-surgery, Sutton was pleasantly surprised to see Dr. Lee check on her multiple times during the day. “Usually doctors only come for rounding once a day, but Dr. Lee came several times to make sure I was fine and explained everything about my treatment and progress”.

Everyone who met Sutton post her surgery was surprised to see that she showed no signs of having undergone a surgery. “Usually brain surgery looks awful and shows scar. But if you look at me, there are no scars and I have healed completely,” she says, adding “I could not be happier with the result.”

After recovering from the surgery, Sutton is back to her normal life and drives with full confidence. “Dr. Joung Lee has changed my life!” she says.

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