Professor Rachel West honored with KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology

LOS ANGELES—July 13, 2022—The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) honored Professor Rachel West at Auburn University with the KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology for her contributions to the development of reproductive medicine. Dr. West follows a distinguished group of researchers as the ninth recipient of the award.

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(L to R) Dr. Kwang-yul Cha, Global Research and Innovation Leader at CHA Bio Medical Group and Professor Rachel West, MS, Ph.D

Prof. West was recognized for her research on sexual dimorphism of the innate immune response of the placenta using three-dimensional human trophoblastic stem cells. The sex of an embryo is closely related to miscarriage in early pregnancy. Prof. West is conducting a study on the fragility of embryos and implantation failure due to differences in the innate placental immune system according to the sex of an embryo.

If this study is successful, it will be a groundbreaking research result in identifying genes related to the vulnerability of male fetuses in undergoing implantation failure.

The ASRM first established the KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology in 2011, in recognition of the achievements and global contributions of Dr. Kwang-yul Cha in stem and fertility research. Cha serves as the global research and innovation leader at CHA Bio Medical Group. The award was created to promote innovative research on stem cell technologies and motivate young researchers, according to ASRM.

“I am extremely honored to receive the KY CHA Award in Stem Cell Technology, the world’s most prestigious award in the field of stem cell and reproductive medicine, and to have been recognized by the society,” Prof. Rachel West said. “We will do our best to develop it as a model to produce new and beneficial results in the field of reproductive medicine research.”

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