CHA Hollywood Presbyterian

March 7, 2019

Common Flu Myths

Posted by Dr. Eugene Park

Flu is very common during winter, and if you suffered from the flu recently, you know how sick you can be. Chances are that some of the advice or an article you read about the flu was wrong. It is important to understand the common myths about the flu, and habits to keep you healthy.

1. Myth: The flu isn’t dangerous

While most people who catch the flu

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February 25, 2019

New Eye Center Looks to End Vision Loss and Blindness

Posted by Dr. Rohit Varma

We continue to be excited about our collaboration with Dr. Rohit Varma, who recently joined us to form a new Southern California Eyecare and Vision Research Institute (SCEVRI) to provide specialized and comprehensive eye care to the diverse communities in Southern California, and to conduct world class research in collaboration with CHA Health Systems’s leading edge stem cell research platform.

An accomplished physician-scientist, Dr. Varma is recognized worldwide

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February 18, 2019

CHA HPMC Named Asian Business League’s Healthcare Provider of the Year

Posted by Bob Allen

We are thrilled to announce that CHA HPMC has been recognized as the Healthcare Provider of the Year for serving all economic sectors and culturally diverse group of patients by the Asian Business League at its 34th Annual Awards.

We are one of the oldest hospitals in Los Angeles and were the first hospital in the Hollywood area and considered as the ‘safety net’ hospital — which enables

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