Classes for Healthcare Professionals

Our Education Department offers several healthcare classes for employees and non-employees in the healthcare field, including ACLS Renewal, BLS Provider-Renewal, CPI, Fire Class, NRP Provider/Renewal, and PALS Renewal.

Please refer to the class you would like to take part in and click on the page to learn more about requirements, registration and fees, and class availability.

ACLS Renewal

This class is designed to re-certify medical professionals as ACLS Providers and to renew their skills in the management of cardiac arrest. Participants will gain hands-on experience in Code management during the practice sessions.

BLS Provider-Renewal

This course is designed to prepare the healthcare professional in Basic Life Support according to the American Heart Association guidelines. Review of materials, skills stations and written test must be completed.

CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention)

This course is designed to provide the healthcare provider working in high-risk areas with the information and skills necessary to manage the potentially violent client. Participants will learn techniques for preventing and handling situations.

Fire Class

This six-hour course is designed to provide the healthcare provider with theory and fundamentals of why fires start and spread, and fire control. Class offers an in depth study of fire chemistry and physics; fire characteristics of materials, extinguishing agents, and fire control and evacuation techniques. At the completion of the course, participants will receive a fire card valid for four years that certifies their completion of the course.

NRP Provider/ Renewal

This class is designed to provide healthcare professionals with materials and training necessary to resuscitate the neonate according to the specifications of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Key teaching points in each lesson will be reviewed. The written exams are administered and graded prior to proceeding to skill station for evaluation.

PALS Renewal

This class is designed to re-certify healthcare professionals as PALS providers and to renew their skill in the areas of cardiac arrest, shock, resuscitation and airway management in infants and children. The lectures, skill stations and test adhere to the guidelines of the American Heart Association

To learn more about Classes for Healthcare Professionals at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, please call the Education Department at 323-913-4582.

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